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Injection depth

Syringe volume

Recommended needles


Shelf life

Trino i

Trino i

PDRN2 mg/ml

- skin atony in the eyelid area,- dark circles under the eyes,

1-2 mm

1 ml x 1 syringe

33G - 32G

once every 7/10 days

36 months

Trino PDRN

Trino PDRN

PDRN 10 mg/mlHA 20 mg/mlNiacinamide 2.5%

- early skin atony,- uneven skin color,- porosity,- wrinkles,- scars, - post acne

3-5 mm

2.4 ml x 2 syringes


once every 14/21 days

24 months

Trino PDRN Mechanism of Action
Trino PDRN Tissue Regeneration

Effectiveness and outcome of DAWN application

Stimulate the repair process; accelerate re-epithelialization and scarring of the skin; provide rapid and harmonious formation of granulation tissue in the wound area; increase metabolic activity of cells; stimulate angiogenesis; enhance the moisturizing effect of hyaluronic acid; reduce the level of proinflammatory cytokine TNF-a; are highly effective free radical traps (protect from damage by metabolites, xenobiotics, temperature factors, etc.); protect against UV radiation.


At the stage of preclinical studies of the possibilities of DNA-RNA complex application in aesthetic medicine, we studied its activity in vitro in a test system, which was a culture of human epidermis cells. The complex has a noticeable effect on cell metabolism, increasing the rate of synthesis of intracellular proteins and DNA by 1.5-2.5 times, with the pronounced effect depending on the concentration of the complex. It was proved that the revealed stimulation effect spreads in the form of immunocompetent epidermal cells to the whole immune system of the organism.


By its structure, PDRN is a fragment of DNA molecule, a unique polymeric molecule with multifaceted positive properties affecting cellular processes in the human body and homeostasis with the absence of toxicity and contraindications.Studies by scientists have shown that low molecular weight DNA with a molecular mass not exceeding 500 kDa does not carry genetic information. It is known that such low-molecular-weight DNA can not cause genetic transformation, even in a bacterial system. Allergic or other adverse reactions and serious undesirable side effects were absent.


Niacinamide is a water-soluble vitamin B3. In the body, it is responsible for several processes:
- converting food into energy,
- stimulates blood flow,
- it has anti-inflammatory effects,
- protects skin and liver tissue,
- it's also responsible for visual acuity and hair quality.
It is a powerful antioxidant, disinfects the skin and fights pathogenic bacteria. But most of all, it's recognized for its ability to stimulate blood flow, which helps to stimulate vital repair processes in the skin cells.

Niacinamide for skin

- restores the barrier function of the dermis, reducing flaking, irritation and dehydration;
- improves complexion, removes dullness;
- reduces redness, relieves inflammation;
- acne treatment;
- lightens age spots and post-acne;
- slows down the aging process;
- improves elasticity;
- shrinks pores;
- keeps skin matte.

Safety of Niacinamide

Due to the clearly defined concentration of each of the components "HA", "PDRN" and "Niacinamide" we can conclude that Trino PDRN is one of the most powerful complex preparations aimed at fighting aging and restoring the natural beauty and radiance of the skin.
While maintaining maximum safety for patients!

Before and after

15 year old scar, 14 days after the first treatment. There were used 2 syringes of Trino PDRN.

After using Trino PDRN
Before using Trino PDRN

3 treatments, every 2 weeks

After using Trino PDRN
Before using Trino PDRN

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