PRP tubes and kits

ReCell Platelet-Rich Plasma or PRP kits utilizes a separator gel technology to isolate the platelets while eliminating the undesirable components such as red blood cells and inflammatory white blood cells.

Vacuum filled, internally coated glass tube designed to:
Prevent platelets from “sticking” to tube wallsPrecisely draw blood at a pressure that prevents lysing of the cellsProprietary anti-coagulant (MNC7) modified to:
Reduce acidity while preventing coagulation of plateletsDeliver non-activated platelets physically positioned on top of gelSeparator gel designed to:
Spare up to 87% (+/- 9%) of plateletsRemove 99.9% of RBCRemove 95% of granulocytes

How does PRP work?

Regenerative medicine is a direction that actively studies the changes and ways of restoring physiological regeneration, as well as the ways of activation and flow of the body's reparative system. To activate the process of tissue regeneration, the following are required:● administration of preparations containing viable cells;● preparations containing growth factors and cytokines.
It is to the second point that we refer the method of autologous plasma therapy.

PRP possibilities

● activate the rejuvenation of the body at the cellular level;● accelerate the reproduction of fibroblasts and the production of substances by them provide elasticity and hydration of the skin;  ● speed up the regeneration of damaged tissue;● increase the viability of hair follicles and activate their growth;● stimulate local immunity;● strengthen blood vessels and improve trophic tissue.

PRP effects

● improving skin color and increasing its elasticity;● disappearance of fine wrinkles and smoothing of deep ones;● elimination or reduction of stretch marks;● inflammation suppression in acne treatment;  ● reduction or disappearance of post-acne scars;● lifting effect;● perfectly combined with all other methods of aesthetic medicine (hardware techniques, thread lifting, mesotherapy, peeling, etc.) for an even more pronounced result of complex corrections.

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